Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Orchids in Crete

In spring a multitude of herbaceous plants flower amidst the phryanga, and predominant among them are the orchids. Above is a beautiful example of Orchis lactea which at this time of year is commonly seen in the area of Gious Kampos, an upland plateau located between the villages of Spili and Gerakari in Rethymno. Below is a selection of orchids that you can now see in Crete.

 Ophrys phryganae.
Wasp ophrys (Wasp ophrys, sawfly orchid)
 Ophrys mammosa (Breasted ophrys)
 Orchis papilioncea (Butterfly orchid)
 A field of Orchis italica
 Orchis italica
 Ophrys heldreichii (Heldreich's ophrys)

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