Thursday, 13 March 2014

Psiloritis in Winter

Crete has a lot of high mountains and Mount Psiloritis is its highest at 2456m.  From late October through to May there is usually snow on the peaks and it is possible to go skiing or do other winter sports. This is the place where Zeus was raised, a refuge for rebels throughout numerous battles and wars, and the natural home of shepherds and wildlife. A walking route right at the heart of the Cretan countryside which is very interesting in terms of flora and geological features. It is of no coincidence that Mount Psiloritis is within the European Network of Geoparks.  Psiloritis offers an amazing experience to those who try to know it better by walking its many paths and peaks, and there you can see some of the most impressive wild landscapes of Crete - large caves, deep gorges, small plateaus, pine and oak woods and bare alpine zones. 

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